Parivartak 4.7

Converts Kruti Dev/Shusha fonts to Unicode

Type in Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, and other Devanagari scripts. Converts Kruti to Mangal, Kruti to Shusha, Shusha to Mangal, and Shusha to Kruti.

Parivartak is a Hindi writing and converting tool for Windows users. It has two modes of operation, one is writing mode and another is converting mode. It supports both Unicode and Non-Unicode conversion. In the converter mode you can convert your file from Kruti to Shusha and Shusha to Kruti in Non-Unicode or Kruti to Arial/ Mangal and Shusha to Arial/Mangal in Unicode. In the writer mode you can type Unicode in Kruti and Shusha or a default inscript Layout. It works under Windows 98 and later versions of Windows. It is also supported by Microsoft Office, Open Office, Internet Explorer and .NET Framework.

By default, this program opens in the write mode with an onscreen keyboard. If one doesn’t know any type of keyboard layout for typing in Hindi, then he can use the onscreen keyboard. After typing you can save all your written material in RTF format. You can also import an RTF file into this application to proceed with typing. You can print your file directly from this program.

By selecting "Convertor" from the mode dropdown menu, you will switch to the corresponding mode. In the convertor mode you will see two text fields, one for source text and another for target text. You can write your text or copy and paste text from any file into the source text field, and the program will convert it and show the result in the target text field.

Manoj Goel
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  • Supports both Unicode and Non-Unicode layouts
  • An inbuilt onscreen keyboard
  • Supports two mode of operation
  • Printing


  • Supports only RTF files
  • Many characters are missing from the onscreen keyboard
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